Southbound Music Festival – 4/21/17


APRIL 21 2017


Helena, Arkansas lies on the banks of the Mississippi River at the foot of the Ozark Mountains and the top of the western delta. A million years ago it was the confluence of two great rivers that carved out its geographical shape.  Because of this gumbo of mud and clay and water, it created another gumbo.  One of music.  It takes strains of Ozark mountain folk mixed with Delta field hollers. Hard scrabble and hard times.  A toughness that was necessary to survive.  Soulful, but with an attitude.  Not a sweet soul like the Memphis sound. Those were city folk, where life was easier. These were country folk that had to fight to survive and didn’t take handouts from nobody. This is the same dirt that gave rise to Levon Helm, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, Sonny Boy Williamson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and some mighty fine barbeque.  They all have an edge. Like placing water on a blade of a knife, volatile, it could go either way. Just like their music, it could go anyway, at any time.  Unpredictable.  The spirit in this music and this region is what we want to capture and showcase to the world for years to come with the Southbound Music Festival.


International & Regional Artists

Performing in Multiple Live Venues throughout Downtown, Helena

Unique Original Artwork

Craft Beers & Regional Cuisine

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